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IPEK Temel Plard
( Turkey )

Art Digital; Peinture; Photographie


IPEK Temel Plard

Graduated from Faculty of Dentistry Ege University in 1997 . The Education of the dentistry is the power of my paintings. The feelings and reflection of thé évents in my soul that what I've transfered on canvas since my childhoods. Its therefore not repeated .Such us The Silkroad they connect the cultures and live with the respiration of each people in the world. EXHIBITIONS 1997 in Ege University ,Izmir Turquie; 2009 in Mesnil le roi ,Paris; 2010 Leudelange ,Luxembourg; 2011-2013 Centre Culturel Capellen 2014 Galerie Op Der Cap, Mamer,Luxembourg 2015 Galerie Op Der Cap 2016 Galerie Petit Lieu Artistique, Nancy, France 2016 Galerie Op Der Cap, Luxembourg 2017 Université de Liège ,Exposition LIBRARTY, Belgique


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