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Shirley Charlton
( Australia )



Shirley Charlton


Shirley emigrated from Malawi,Central Africa -as an international artist and professional tutor. She continues tutoring courses with Adult Education and holds Certificate 1v.

She studeid at the technical art College overseas and her art qualifications include graduate diplomas from the Open College of Arts in London as well as the Paris School of Arts.

With numerous exhibiions, awards and sales to her name, she has in addtion judged a number of shows. Her original paintings can be seen on www.shirleycharlton.com.

Her love for the sea and water comes through in her transparent watercolours.

Shirl's figure paintings and pastels show the magic- vibrant strokes. Years of practice painting African people,gave her the ability to paint from her heart,bringing figures to life.

Working in all mediums, she teachers at Mcgregor Schools at USQ as well as the Watercolour Society of Queensland. Shirl has had articles on demonstrations published in the Australian Artist Magazine and the Wuest magazine overseas.


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