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Tamás G. Fuchs
( Hungary )

Digital Art; Drawing; Mixed Media; Painting; Photography; Print


Tamás G. Fuchs

CV My first determining art experience was my drawing teacher in the primary school. He was my patron who cared for me, gave me lessons after school and helped to develop my abilities. Afterwards I continued drawing in High school as my primary faculty. I finished at the Budapest University of Technologies (BME) as licensed mechanical engineer. I started to work for the Company of Public Transportation in Budapest (BKV), which was in contract with the University by the time. A couple of years later I took part in the foundation of Fővinform (Traffic Information of the Capital) whereas I am the deputy executive at the moment. Later on I took part in the foundation of Compexpo, whereas we organized fairs and exhibitions using my patent. Afterwards I founded Serwise Studio, my own company in advertisement graphic in which I'm working at the moment. Two years ago I was so fed up with all the applied graphics and I started to create artworks, and tried to show what was deep inside me, hopefully managed to express the fantasy world which was on my mind.


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