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C.S. Lawrence
( Malta )

Drawing; Mixed Media; Painting


C.S. Lawrence

C.S.Lawrence, of Maltese and Irish descent, was born in East Africa in 1957 and spent an idyllic childhood there before moving to the Middle East in 1969. She studied at St. Martin’s School of Art in London but her art career was put on hold while she raised her family and it was not until 1994 that her career as a professional artist became firmly established. 

Her first exhibition in Bahrain in 1994 was a great success and all subsequent shows in Bahrain, Dubai and Saudi Arabia proved to be equally rewarding. Working mainly in watercolours, the early years of her art career concentrated on orientalist themes – richly decorated interiors, fountain courtyards, verandas with a view – never failing to capture in fine detail the architectural style and light of the Orient. 

In 2000, C.S.Lawrence moved to Malta. The creative progression from the Orient to Malta was seamless: she discovered in the Maltese islands a similar ambiance to that of the Arabian Gulf in the vibrant colours and the vivid light.

In July 2003, C.S.Lawrence held her first solo exhibition in Malta, inaugurated by the President of Malta. Held in the historic fortress city of Vittoriosa, the event proved to be a visual feast. Subsequent exhibitions, held annually, provided art lovers with the artist’s expanding expression of dynamic visual impressions.

From East Africa to the Middle East to Malta, the underlying connections of these diverse cultures are not lost to the artist. As her collection of artworks illustrates, the influence of these cultures on her remains vivid and profound.


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