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Diane Boucher
( New Zealand )



Diane Boucher

I am 64yrs old and reside in Northland NZ with my darling husband of 43yrs. We have two children and two beautiful grand children. I spent my working life suporting my husband in a very busy catering business and working as an emergency room nurse.

When retiring I needed to chanel my enthusiasm for life in a new direction. I attened formal painting lessions learning the ABC's and tecniques. This fired me up and has been all consumeing since. We have designated 1/3 of our garage for my studio and that is where you will here music eminating and find me every available moment I have. Oh bother there is still housework to do!!!

My paintings have been acepted into galleries in N.Z. and sell well here and internationally.

I never stop learning and love to read comments and critiques on my work.


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