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Zsuzsa Mathe
( Hungary )



Zsuzsa Mathe

She was two years old when her father, returning from a business trip in Switzerland brought her a ballpoint pen as a present.  Ballpoint is a tool that can not be erased and thus one must be able to draw a line right the first time over.  Thus her education in fine art begun.

At primary school she attended high-school drawing classes and art history.  She was advised on various subjects such as anatomy and the likes.

At high school she attended to the prestigious Ferenczy Circle, a highly esteemed class on drawing and modeling for the nearby Academy of Fine Arts.

After graduating high school she attended and graduated a special collage on print shop work, thus learning the basics of additive and subtractive coloring and all other details that makes one a fine print-shop retoucher.

She was 20 when, in 1984 when her first exhibit, The Gate Between Within and Beyond opened.

At the same time she got involved in Duna Circle, an alternative environmental protection group opposing a water-dam over the river Danube.  This, later earned her a high spot on the blacklists of then still Communist Hungary.

Despite being blacklisted and secret agents were regular visitors the following years each brought feature exhibits Withdrawn Promises (1985), Le Malade Imaginaire (1987), Shipwreck (1987) and a joint exhibit with the master course of world-known concert pianist George Cziffra.

As her mail was torn, telephone eavesdropped and conditions became unbearable to express her disagreement with the regime she left Hungary in early 1988.

Having learned the local language in 1990 she was accepted to the world-famous Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

Today, after adventuring around the world trying herself in various fields and professions she is back in Hungary, painting again. 


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