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Bennu Corbishley
( Netherlands )

Design; Digital Art; Fashion; Mixed Media; Photography


Bennu Corbishley

I started my studies in Architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia, then I moved to The Netherlands for the second time, later on to Spain, where I studied Graphic Design at The University of Wales/Eade, in a British study plan in Málaga, Spain; following that I started my studies in Photography at Apertura Academy, where I spent some years in Fashion, Comercial Photography and Photojournalism.

I have shown my work in some Galleries like the Club del Comercio de Bogotá Art Gallery, Artelista, from Madrid, Culture Inside, La Diputación de Málaga, Spain, and several cafés like Café con Libros, Robert Boyd´s Cafe and some others in Spain.

I have done several projects for international clients mainly in America for Interior Design purposes working on Digital Art prints and Photography.

Now I´m settled in The Hague, Netherlands, once again working with an NGO and Freelancing with my work.


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