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Sony Ejiro Akpotor
( Nigeria )



Sony Ejiro Akpotor


                                 ART STATEMENT


Autobiographical Portrait

My name is Sony M. E. Akpotor. I was born (April 9th, 1972) and raised in Delta State of Nigeria. My early experience as a child helped me to adequately internalize the rudiments of fine arts - the skill, technique and power of apt conceptualization.
A singular opportunity I had in the university, through a vocational program known as SIWES (Student Industrial Experience Scheme), brought me face to face with a master in the person of Painter Abraham Ebiwe Uyovbisere. The privilege of working under him propelled me to refocus, putting me on the light with my contemporaries.
My formal training as a professional artist at Delta State University (1996 - 2000), finally equipped me further to be in total control of my ideas, materials and techniques. Here, the dominant philosophy is experimenting with ideas cast on me by nature and the human figures I observe as I interact with them, with the view to add to the body of art knowledge.
Today, these tripartite influences on me are at play in all the works I have produced since graduation from the university.


 Fine Art Teacher in Nosakhare Model Secondary School, Benin City, Edo State (2002 - 2003) during my National Youth Service program (NYSC).
 I have been actively involved in building students from Delta State University on vocational program known as SIWES.
 I have participated in various workshops between 1998 and 2003 in Delta State.
 I participated in a group exhibition in 1999 entitled “First Rhythms”, organized by the Society of Nigerian Artists, Delta State chapter, which I am a member of.
 I have had two art shows, one in 2002 in Benin city, Edo State and the other in 2004 in Warri, Delta State.


 “Challenges of Humanity 1” - Kaisa Gibbs, USA
 “In ruins” - Kaisa Gibbs, USA
 “What a life” - Glen U., England.
 “Cobbler” - Glen U. England
 “Challenges of Humanity 2” - Glen U., England.
 “On the Bike” - Han Ruthen, Holland
 “Portrait of Hans” - Han Ruthen, Holland
 “Portrait of Emmy” - Han Ruthen, Holland
 “Homeward bound” - Nadia O., Arbadeen, Scottland.
 “Portraits of McDonald’s daughters” - McDonalds, England.
 “Survival 1” - Pastor Ayo Orhitsejafor, Warri, Delta State.
 “Landscape of Shell Golf Field” - Shell Golf Club, Warri, Delta State.
 “Portraits of Prof. & Mrs. Ekuerhare” - Prof. Ekuerhare, Abraka, Delta State.
 “In the game” - Barrister Chinatu Omokwe, Warri, Delta State.

My Form of Art

I get inspired by all that God has created. As long as the creature points to God, I am interested. Like all men, I have that burning desire to know who God is and to be one with Him in all His glory. One way for me to achieve this is by having a close study of His creations from the art point of view, for God is the greatest Artist of all time. He is the true master of the Fine Arts.

Man, most times have failed to see and appreciate God’s art. It is all around us and it is free for all. I get so amazed when I see the reaction of those who behold my paintings. The feeling is good. For the period they are in contact with my paintings I see, by the smiles on their faces and the questions they ask, that they have for that short time forgotten all their cares and worries. Though the happy feelings experienced by these onlookers is temporary, it surely made me realize that more works of art need to be produced for people to see, for through them the unobservant man would get to see, understand and appreciate God’s art and be happy for ever.
My form of art has to do with the representation of human and animal form on a two dimensional surface. So far, I have only dwelt on human figurative and still would do so because there is just no end to what the eyes can see as long as they are properly applied.

The human figure, both the masculine and feminine gender is of great interest to me because they are the only creatures that have the image of God. In other words, if you bring God and man together you would not know the difference, except that God is immortal. Simply put, God is a man that has eternal life. So for me, making human studies is worth dwelling on for all time.
With this introduction, I say welcome to your world of mind blowing works of art.


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