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BIOGRAPHY 2017 Alain FAURE The artist shares his time and his painting between Auxerre and Avignon. Born in 1953 on the banks of the great blue, it has permeated the colors, scents and everything that composes the Mediterranean environment. It is at the age of 9 years joining Burgundy that he begins to draw and then paint while devouring the light of Van Gogh found in some books. Later he was inspired by Mondrian's abstract painting (1st period "Les arbres"), then by Chagall and Rouault for their work on stained glass windows and finally by Vieira Da Silva for his elaborate and geometric style. Noticed by his drawing teacher while he is in junior high school, he made his first artistic record at the Beaux Arts in Auxerre between 1964 and 1967. After school and military service he entered the bank but continued throughout his career to paint at night, weekends or even during the holidays. With the permanent idea of ​​learning and mastering his art, in search of a path and a style he wanted to appropriate, he decided in 1972 to approach several workshops with multiple disciplines. In order to better understand other fields of competence, he was also interested for a few years in the history of art, then during three seasons he practiced the rapid sketch of naked ... " Humility, "he explains. 1983 to 2005 he invested in the ceramic decoration and created in parallel a workshop of plastic arts (Le granier à Couleurs) that he animates from 2002 to 2005. He is a member of the Friends of the Arts Auxerrois Association until 2008 and is now selected for the Official Artists Directory at the Who's Who Art Club International, He was also a member of the French National Council for Plastic Arts, and was made Academic Knight of the Mondial Art Académia in 2014, The medals of Vermeil promotion 2014 and Gold promotion 2016 are awarded to him by the European Institute of Contemporary Arts. Alain FAURE works watercolor, oil but especially acrylic. His style is the compromise of all his experience with the renewed will to progress towards the beautiful. When asked to define technically his artistic approach he simply answers and in synthesis that it is a modern conceptual painting.


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