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Luigi Centoletti
( Italy )

Design; Digitalkunst; Mode; Installation; Fotografie; Druckgrafik


Luigi Centoletti

The thematic references are related to the daily becoming of man, to environmental realities and to their existential experiences. Through the objective it expresses the pathos and the implications of a psychological order which, at times, involves a difficult aesthetic translation. He captures the naturalness of the looks, the features of the characters and the colorings of the details with extreme skill and right light. It is often left inebriated by a landscape, by a glimpse of the city, by a sunset scarcely marked by fragile clouds on the horizon, or by a sensual vibration of a breast or a pubis, always with a substantial balance of expression. Photography to fix images of reality in the memory of time. ... goes beyond the immediacy of the shot, of the vibrations of light and of the color mass that meets with its objective, it goes beyond visual investigation and as a painter alters its static nature with happy creative intuitions. At each snapshot he adds his own inner ferments and a portrait, a shoe, a flower or a cover are the echo of his poetic artistic exaltations. (Yearbook of Modern Art 1998/2000). Born in Naples, he lived for a long time in Sardinia and subsequently lived and worked in Florence and Rome for the last 20 years, where he collaborated with the magazine "Segni d'Arte" and the "Forum Interart" gallery at the Fori Imperiali, near the Colosseum. He currently lives and works in Pompeii.


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