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Ernesto Jorge Ferriol Perez
( Japan )



Ernesto Jorge Ferriol Perez

Ernesto Ferriol conceives his work from the encounter of two fundamental elements:his skill for drawing and his talent to imagine resulting all in a blend of image and imagination. His ability to observe nature, life and its phenomena allows him to select the theme and then interpret it on the surface of paper. This creative process places him close to the art of illustration and its visual vocabulary. This devotion to the making of images becomes an obsession that achieve a mystical character. Writing is a great allied for him. After writing a short text ideas take shape in the graphic language. He tries to convey a message , a mood, a wide range of feelings appealing to the contemplative. He attempts to achieve his goal by forging a strong  communion with the material {watercolor, ink, pencil and other watermedia}.


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