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Annick Augier
( Italy )

Mischtechnik; Malerei


Annick Augier


"It narrates the story of a victory ... a victory that unfolds through many tales, complete in themselves. Each tale, or would we say each painting, evokes a success achieved out of hope, confidence and even faith.

My paintings speak of trials faced and triumphed over. All of us in the course of our life are confronted to adversity. My life path - but it could be yours - progresses through a series of obstacles overcome. Each canvas symbolizes a gate and its threshold crossed.

I paint the choice between two possible directions: to remain where we are stuck or, even worse, to go back in the past, or to choose to move forward towards Light and Transformation, synonymous with healing.

If we decide to listen to our heart and to communicate, we go away from the sadness and misunderstanding. We begin a journey toward the unification of “body, mind, spirit and soul ", the only way to build a strong and robust living being, able to withstand any storm.

This is my intent, to paint the numerous adventures of a new Man looking for having his feet well rooted to the ground and his head in the sky, master of his destiny. "


In another life, she graduated in Marketing and Commerce before working for ten years in the commercial field. Her coming to Rome was the turning point of her life. She discovered Trompe l’oeil mural painting and changed her professional focus. After a six month learning class with the internationally renowned decorative painter Yannick Guégan, she became a French decorative painter in Rome.

A few years passed and she was confronted with a second turning point, fighting victoriously cancer twice in a short time. She became passionately involved in discovering, experiencing and learning various techniques of natural therapies, following a path of personal and spiritual evolution and ultimately of self healing.

One day, she sensed that the mastery of her painting was only a first step. She could fuse her two passions together. She created "Wellness through Painting", a method absolutely new and, dare we say, unique in the world.

For French and Italian collectors, she creates paintings that depict different steps of personal and spiritual evolution, thanks to specifically chosen oil and acrylic colours, metal sheets, archetypal patterns and symbols. She is motivated by exploring beyond the mere appearance to reveal the most intimate self, a vision that symbolizes the soul and its purpose.

Through a rich, meticulously detailed and vibrant painting, she offers a moving, powerful, meaningful glimpse of the true beauty, the inner one.

Solo Exhibitions :

2002 : Gallery Le Antiche Stampe – Frascati (IT) Solo show “Under a new light”

2001 : Monte Porzio Catone (IT) Solo show “Secret gardens”

1998 : Monte Porzio Catone (IT) Solo show “Sinergy in process”

1998 : French cultural Center San Luigi dei Francesi – Rome (IT) Solo show and Group exhibition of my students.

1997 : Monte Porzio Catone (IT) Solo show “Under a new light”

1997 : French cultural Center San Luigi dei Francesi – Rome (IT) Solo show “Illusion and Trompe l’oeil”.

Group exhibitions :

2009 : Gallery Il Trittico – Rome (IT) – “Art in landscape”

2006 : Abbazia di Farfa – Rieti (IT) “Trompe l’oeil, a window on the world”

2003-2004-2005 :International Festival of Trompe l’oeil - LODI (IT)

1996 : Gallery Forum Interart – Rome (IT) “The great signatures of contempory art”


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