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Alfan Arrasulli
( Indonesia )



Alfan Arrasulli

Alfan Arrasulli was born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1985, he started to make painting while he was 8 years old submitting his own drawing to the local newspaper. when he was 20 years old he has sign off from two of his Arts University because of his idealistic principal. now he was concentrating on his painting and started to publish his painting in every painting exibition in his own country.

Thank you very much for your consideration and
observation on my gallery. And I am extremely
regretful for the reason that I didn’t write
any statement on my own art, it because I wanted
to be acquainted with how other people felt once
seeing my art without having to be influenced by
my own estimation. So, if you never discover any
remark on my art comment other than ‘enjoy’,
please be sensible to understand for my principle.
I never bothered about my own procedure of making art.
I just stop in the spot when I don’t think that I be able
to move any further. I hope that you will never tire
to visit my gallery over and over again because your support
is very important to me.

i was planned to do my next painting... i wonder if you all have an idea to share with me... if you do have an idea.. even if you think that was silly or even unimportant.. please share it with me... it would be an honored for me to have an idea that was inspired by your experience or dreams or even your priceless hope... thank you very much everybody.. without your support.. i am nothing.. i love u all mate..


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