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stefan Damman
( Netherlands )

Design; Digitalkunst; Zeichnung; Mode; Gravur; Installation; Mischtechnik; Multimedia; Malerei; Fotografie; Druckgrafik; Skulptur


stefan Damman

Stefan Damman (1969) Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Nowadays lives and works in Almere, the 4th biggest city of the Netherlands I like to experiment with a wide palet of materials like sand, cement, fabric, piercings, wood, lead, paper etc. In combination with bright, powerfull, colorcombinations and abstract theme's this leads to a powerfull first impression. Insprirated by the soul of music, from classical to rock, from moodsounds to house. My work nowadays contains several styles and theme's: Guards A series of mystic figures, representing a protection for all that is good and sacred in your world. The Golden series. Abstract paintings, they represent processes of change. Constructions in white. A series of abtract paintings in a white setting, with a lot of structure and just visible under their skin a mix of colours. Moods and more. During the creation of the series, side paths are taken to experiment on different styles and materials as well as shapes and intentions, journey where every painting is a new phase in the story. These abstract works are ment to draw you in and find your own story but at the same time all pieces represent the painters journey of wondering Confessions. are about the need for men to have symbols to understand life and faith.


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