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Douwe Tiemensma
( Netherlands )

Design; Digitalkunst; Zeichnung; Gravur; Mischtechnik; Malerei; Fotografie; Druckgrafik


Douwe Tiemensma

"Tout est autobiografique, meme l'imaginaire", Claude Simon. All the things you draw or paint is about yourself. It's your way of looking, your way of moving, your inside, your heartbeat etc that becomes visible in your handwriting, in your compositions, your use of colours. And of course: Painting is about composition, structure, colours. About contrasts: opaque & transparant, warmth & cold, emptiness & fulness etc. It's not the subject that matters, but the way it is represented. In the eighties and nineties I painted watercolours. Next years I worked for a long time inside, in the studio, painting stillifes. Nowadays I make my drawings outside again, in small sizes and take them inside to enlarge them or to work them over. A lot of painters have influenced me, some by the way they worked, others more directly by the drawings or paintings they've made. Some are wellknown, some are not. I very appreciate the works of Otto de Kat for example, or the drawings and paintings of Albert Baertsoen, Further the Canadian painters J.P. Lemieux and Tom Thomson. It's a pity you can hardly find them in the galleries here in Europe. The past ten years I've seen drawings and prints of Avigdor Arikha: I appreciate the strong blacks & whites in his works, the astonishing ease... "While walking I think painting".


Comments received

  • J'aime beaucoup votre travail, la douceur des tons et les nuances.

    haruki - 26.09.2013 19:26:51

  • ala Rembrandt
    samuelzylstra - 25.12.2012 21:10:05

  • Outstanding works!
    melusina - 20.06.2012 00:49:41

  • And 5/5 for 'Wilgen bij Wijns'
    koliae - 28.03.2012 17:15:45

  • 5/5 for Leidesekade
    koliae - 28.03.2012 17:14:48

  • 'I limoni' It's my world
    koliae - 28.03.2012 17:13:03

  • 'Water-meadows' : beautiful !
    koliae - 28.03.2012 17:11:03

  • Very nice
    koliae - 28.03.2012 17:08:01

  • i like 'Bricks & beams No 6' !
    koliae - 28.03.2012 17:06:20

  • i like 'Bricks & beams No 6' !
    koliae - 28.03.2012 17:06:11

Comments sent

  • Hi Karl,
    Wondeful picture, your 'Guter Mond'. Especially the brightness of the moon & the colour mixture of the sky. A nice twin aside mine
    'Pegasus' drawing. DT
    DouweTiemensma - 29.03.2012 07:25:50

  • Un foto comme un dessin.
    Tres beau.
    DouweTiemensma - 28.03.2012 06:14:41

  • Hi Samuel, Thank you for sending me a mail with your drawings. I
    do like the free way you draw & paint. I'm amused to find lots more here on Cultureinside! Douwe
    DouweTiemensma - 11.06.2010 21:12:39

  • Hi Christine,
    Thank you for your comment on the paintings in my gallerys. I've choosen your study of a reading person. I do like the "bonnardesque" atmosphere of this
    painting. Douwe
    DouweTiemensma - 09.03.2010 20:03:16

  • Wonderful portraits, amazing size. Douwe
    DouweTiemensma - 18.09.2009 14:01:05

  • Hi Vincenzo,
    Thanks for your message. I've to admit: ' Sloot ' has cost me some years of painting & refelection, before I found the solution for the size of the air in the foreground and its colour.
    DouweTiemensma - 18.09.2009 11:50:51

  • Hello Vincenzo,
    I've choosen your painting 'Pizzo delle pecore all'alba' . I like the blues and the grey-greens, the contrast between foreground and rocks.
    DouweTiemensma - 15.09.2009 07:46:37

  • I like your photograph "Une echarpe de brume" . The shades of colours are close related to my paintings.
    DouweTiemensma - 01.09.2009 07:26:47

  • Hi CurryQ! Wonderful paintings you've made.
    I do like 'the yesterday woman', the beautiful
    light all over it. I appreciate your reaction.
    DouweTiemensma - 17.08.2009 19:23:27

  • Hello Kristian,
    I've chosen your 'She is standing at the window'. Wonderful, the warmth of the reds below, contrasting the dark browns and ochres.
    DouweTiemensma - 10.07.2009 18:26:42


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