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wayne sleeth
( France )

Technique Mixte; Peinture


Profile de wayne sleeth

wayne sleeth

Wayne Sleeth

Painter (Artist)


English-born and trained, based in Lorraine since 2001 following studies at Grimsby School of Art in the 1980s and Bath Academy in the 90s. His painting sits visually and theoretically between abstraction and figuration. Dealing with the inheritance of english landscape painting and the American 'colour-field' movement, his work conveys the balance of power and composure, advance and retreat, of both Turner and Rothko. Over recent years there has been a clear predilection for square format paintings;

"I paint neither land-scapes nor sea-scapes. These are what l call 'scapes', purely and simply, an anagram for certain 'spaces' which colour, line and texture inhabit, make their own, or escape".


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