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Manfred Kielnhofer
( Austria )

Design; Installation; Fotografie; Skulptur

Manfred Kielnhofer - Timeguards in the Steyregg castle  Design, Installation, Fotografie, Skulptur

new contemporary sculpturepark Steyregg castle for emerging artists.

Schloss Steyregg in Austria

The „timeguards“ of the Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer are the top of a some years lasting development. Dealing with room-concepts, sculptures and installations on one hand and the being engaged with mystic experiences and religion on the other hand lead the artist to these strange characters. 2006 the first of these figures was created. It reminds us of a walking monk, who seems to be lost in something. Kielnhofer puts his tmeguard in public places like ancient castlers, old mines, main squares or in parks. Kielnhofers „timegurads“ come and go, nobody knows where they appear the next time. They let us never forget that we are always watched. (Critics by: Martina Gansterer).


Timeguards in the Steyregg castle

Timeguards in the sculpturepark Steyregg castle

Steyregg castle guard

Dance with the guards


fire guards

nigjht guards


Steyregg caste

Light guards

the guardians of time on tournee


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