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Annick Augier
( Italy )

Mischtechnik; Malerei

Annick Augier - On my way to Light  Mischtechnik, Malerei

It narrates the story of a victory ... a victory that unfolds through many tales, complete in themselves. Each tale, or would we say each painting, evokes a success achieved out of hope, confidence and even faith.

My paintings speak of trials faced and triumphed over. All of us in the course of our life are confronted to adversity. It begins with "Expectation" where we see a woman wondering if she has the courage to choose her own path, shortly followed by "The girl with the kite” who wants to heal. From that point, my life path - but it could be yours - progresses through a series of obstacles overcome. Each canvas symbolizes a gate and its threshold crossed.

I paint the choice between two possible directions: to remain where we are stuck or, even worse, to go back in the past, or to choose to move forward towards Light and Transformation, synonymous with healing.
If we decide to listen to our heart and to communicate, we go away from the sadness and misunderstanding. We begin a journey toward the unification of “body, mind, spirit and soul ", the only way to build a strong and robust living being, able to withstand any storm.

This is my intent, to paint the numerous adventures of a new Man looking for having his feet well rooted to the ground and his head in the sky, master of his destiny.

galerie Weiter

Resurrection through Fire

God's breath



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