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Heather Carroll
( Luxembourg )

Design; Mode; Gravur; Installation; Mischtechnik; Fotografie; Druckgrafik; Skulptur

Heather Carroll - Headstones  Gravur

Stones sculpted in low relief, inked and printed on Japanese paper.

These "Headstones" are silent witnesses of women's life experiences throughout the world. The images evoke the courage, the fear, the sorrow, the boundless love and the beauty of women but above all their courageous spirit.
These prints are entirely individual, there are no two alike therefore no edition defined. All are printed by hand with hand printed appliques that vary from image to image. They are available black ink on white paper, white ink on black paper or brown ink on white paper. The paper is defined as hand made, acid free, Japanese cloud dragon paper.

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à ne beea poohe ke gween (Love has Two Faces)

ke choum (indifférence) coll'n privée Lux

loode choosi gaa (les gardiennes du temple) vendu

Nkooni Gwéa cee bô (It Takes Two to Tango)

Siande Menguoon (vièrge heureuse)

yaade (guérisson)

tchou mentine ne gue kwate (l'esprit qui rêve)


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