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Signe Admine-Bugeja / Ādmine-Bugeja
( Luxembourg )


Signe Admine-Bugeja / Ādmine-Bugeja - VULKĀNS  Installation

The work “volcano” is an enormous eruption that with it’s incandescent molten lava destroys all that is evil, what is left behind is a new blessed path that leads to a higher fulfilling consciousness, serenity and a life full of love.

A vulcano is a geological formation whose intertwining magmatic veins are connected to the earth’s core. The movement of the tectonic plates causes this magma to compress and the result is an eruption where gasses and solids are ejected and lava flows fluidly out of the volcano’s pores. This chain of change, this fluid motion is reminescent of the process whereby glass, when exposed to high temperatures, starts its movement. Initially this movement is slow and gradually it starts to gather velocity. Similarly to the erupted volcanic lava, the slowly heated glass “lava” starts to change its colour from bright yellow to orange to red to red brown to brown and finally to grey and black. It is an instant fleeting sensual experience that causes strong emotionl and simbolical associations.

Red is the colour of life, blood, fire, passion and war. It can symbolise sucess and fertility but also danger. Like red, orange symbolises fire but is also a symbol of magnificence and splendor. Brown symbolises earth and autumn in the same way as the earth’s colour symbolises humbleness and simplicity. Yellow and gold symbolise light and sun. Black and white are colours that are traditionally associated with death.

Life is a matematical formula
Infinite complex
We are variants
Simple finite


Vulcano 1

vulcano 2

vulcano 3

vulcano 4

vulcano 5


vulcano 7


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